Melodic Techno


Lassanaï is the self-taught pilot of a home studio where acoustic creations and digital manipulations coexist.

It is also a vibration that goes from organic to synthetic at the heart of a sound and visual ecosystem.

Accompanied by his instrumental tribe (maracas, derbouka, guitars, ukulele, handpan …), he considers technique as a creative process and succeeds in making the bridge between these sometimes distant worlds.

His music, where the influences of dub and trance are echoed, allows us to explore and to stroll through the meanders of musical influences. It’s an unbridled jukebox with a purpose to help us chill, dance and travel.

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1 musician  
Lyon, France  
Original compositions  
From 400 €  
g Show : Machines and percussions combine to form a progressive melodious and dynamic trance.